Sunday, October 6, 2013

Anthony the Cake Magician

I have met a lot of people in my life, who have a lot of unique talents.  But, there is no one I've encountered until I met Anthony that could make cake disappear like he does.

He doesn't do it through an illusion or slight of hand.  He eats it.

One of the funnier moments we've had recently was when he shamefully told me that he had made a couple of trips to Safeway in one week to buy cake.  Whole cakes.  Two whole cakes.  And polished both of them off in a few days.  What made it funny is that he hid one of the empty cake containers in the slide out drawer underneath the oven because he was embarrassed that he ate the cakes and hadn't figured out how to sneak it out to the garbage.

I think his talent should be celebrated.  Anthony:  The Houdini of Cake.

I just hope he doesn't develop diabetes.

Two empty cake containers
Anthony made the contents disappear
He's a magician.