Tuesday, October 15, 2013

When free costs too much

There have been a bunch of neighbors at Ridgepointe moving out in the last few weeks.  There are five empty apartments within eyeshot of my front balcony and a bunch more throughout the complex.  It seems a whole lot of people's leases ended at the same time.

One neighbor that just moved out tried to give away a TV.  When I first saw the sign, I thought that it was like Free Willy and the TV was being held captive... and the neighbor was supporting it's release.  It turned out that the TV was a giveaway.  Apparently they didn't want to move it (those TV's from the 2000's are heavy bastards to take up and down stairs, I dealt with it when I moved into my current apartment).

It sat there for two days and made me wonder if they were asking too much for it.

Let the TV go!