Saturday, October 12, 2013

Lucky at a doggy fashion show at La Encantada Mall

I took Lucky up to La Encantada shopping center today for his third appearance in a doggy fashion show that is put on by 94.9 MIX-fm radio.

He's done better every time I take him to a public kind of venue like that.  It seems to exhaust him (he's been sleeping all afternoon and still this evening) but I think it's good for him.  He seems less nervous every time we do an activity like this.

He wore an x-ray type of shirt that showed "bones" and is Halloween themed.  I find it interesting that he is much more tolerant of getting his photo taken in this kind of situation then when we're at home.

Special thanks to Morning Blend host Sally Shamrell, who was at today's event to make an appearance, and was kind enough to take some photos when Lucky and I took a trip down the red carpet / runway.

Lucky the fashion model holed up on the passenger side floor of the Ken Carr car

Lucky's super duper extra extreme close up

A photo of Lucky, being photo bombed by my knee and empty soda bottle

94.9 MIX-fm tent at the Women's Spa and Wellness Showcase

Another dog in a Halloween outfit

Lucky makes friends with a stone tortoise

Lucky's fashion show Halloween themed outfit

Courtyard at La Encantada

94.9 MIX-fm radio personality Bobby Rich (right)
showing promotions assistant Matt that he knows how to read

106.3 The Groove tent at the Women's Spa and Wellness Showcase

Promotions assistant Murphy

I still haven't discovered Victoria's Secret.
She keeps it well hidden in here.


I worked with Kelli when I was at KRQ.
I took her photo today when she walked out of Victoria's Secret.
She didn't know the secret either.

Kelli and MIX-fm / The Groove Promotions Director Rosanna

Something was funny.
This photo proves it.

Heart and Soul Gymnastic and Dance booth
I thought this was an outfit that Lucky could wear, but it was too small.

Winner of my crappy photo of the day award...
Account executive Alan Cook shakes hands with Alex who works at the Apple Store
and interns on the Morning Blend.
Sorry Alex, got your eyes closed.
My bad.

Morning Blend host Sally Shamrell (right)

Sally photo bombing the members of the Bobby Rich Morning Mix

Bobby Rich from MIX-fm chatting with Maggie Vespa of KGUN 9.

Promotions pimps Joe and Matt

Dr. Chris Maloney of Maloney Plastic Surgery in the blue jacket.

Anthony used to work at this store.
Since he left, they've remodeled.
Coincidence?  Of course.

Dr. Hodges of Hodges Eye Care

Vendors at the Women's Spa and Wellness Showcase

Promotions pimp Alex looking at health insurance pamphlets

Apparently Complete Nutrition completed their nutrition.
The store is now closed.

Maggie Vespa and Cory Marshall of KGUN 9 and Cory's dog
were caught by the Kenparazzi

Lucky hanging out with his new stone tortoise buddy

Some of the dogs in the doggy fashion show

Aerial photo of Lucky's head

This little girl was very excited to look at the doggy

This is Edgar, licking his lips in anticipation of being in the doggy fashion show

Ready for the doggy fashion show

Dressed up and ready for the doggy fashion show

94.9 MIX-FM's Marty Bishop, announcing the doggy fashion show

Lucky seems a bit nervous about walking down the runway

We're about ready to walk the runway!

Marty making announcements

Lucky and I making our trip down the runway

Lucky has his own brand of jeans.
Who knew?