Sunday, October 20, 2013

A 12 incher, hot fudge, and pampered pumpkins

It's Sunday, the day of the weekly dinner and grocery shopping outing for Anthony and I.

Today we had dinner at eegee's, a local restaurant chain that specializes in frozen fruit drinks and sub and grinder sandwiches.  We ate at the location on Tanque Verde Road because it was next door to DQ and Anthony wanted dessert there.

After sandwiches and sundaes, it was off to Walmart Neighborhood Market at 22nd and Craycroft for our usual grocery shopping trip.

A tray full of sandwiches and French fries at eegee's
Anthony didn't want his picture taken today, so the closest thing
I was able to get was his hand picking up fries.

Anthony got a 12 inch sub sandwich and a pink lemonade eegee drink.
His eyes were bigger than his stomach, he only put six inches of it in his mouth
and took the rest of it home.

My five inch roast beef sub sandwich.
There was roast beef somewhere below all of that lettuce.

The hot fudge sundae I ordered at Dairy Queen.
I don't like nuts, but happily take whipped cream and a cherry on it.

Anthony got a Peanut Butter Bash at DQ

A fall baking display at Walmart Neighborhood Market.
Pumpkin seems to be the thing this year.

I purchased a box of honey buns.
I'm still not sure what makes them patriotic.
Maybe they stand up and salute when they're eaten.

Here's a display of "Attitude Sunglasses" for $5 each.
Nothing says attitude like cheap ugly sunglasses.

I spotted this display of pumpkins at Walmart Neighborhood Market.
The word "pamper'd" stuck out, then I noticed that they are
from a farm in Manteca, California.
I drove through Manteca twice a day for many years when
I lived in Cali before moving to Tucson.
I never met Van Gronigen and Sons when I was there, though.