Sunday, October 6, 2013

Pumpkin mania at Target

Anthony and I went to Target tonight.  I needed to buy rawhide chew sticks for Lucky.

One of the things that I noticed with three weeks to go until Halloween:  Pumpkins everywhere.  It seems that thanks to the big surge of pumpkin love that has come from the public regarding pumpkin spice latte drinks at Starbucks, there is a bigger selection than ever at stores of pumpkin related food items.  Plus, it really has a lot to do with the continually growing popularity of Halloween as a commercially related holiday event.  It seems people can't get enough of everything pumpkin.

As you'll see in a couple of these photos, pumpkin fever hit Target... and Anthony.

In unrelated news, they have Christmas decorations up at Target already and it's only October 6.

Anthony LOVES Halloween.
He bought this pumpkin pillow and a pumpkin design throw blanket.

Here's an M&M's flavor I've never seen before:  Pumpkin Spice

While shopping for rawhide chew sticks for Lucky, I spotted this:
Better than ears
Actual ears aren't that delicious, so it can't be too tough to
make something better than ears.