Friday, October 18, 2013

Picture Rocks Community Center Donor Recognition Dinner

I was invited to the Picture Rocks Community Center Donor Recognition Dinner at BJ's Brewhouse near Tucson Mall last night by my friend Jason.  Anthony went with me.

The Community Center was a recent guest on the TV show.

I met a bunch of lovely people and had a nice time.  Good food, too.

The Kenparazzi photos:

Sneaky photo of Anthony

I wanted photos with everyone, so I went around the table
and Anthony played camera person.

My attempt at dress up with the jacket...

These two volunteer at the Picture Rock Community Center.
Volunteers are awesome.

These two ladies are from SportClips.
I'd have better hair if I used their services.

She has her eyes closed, pretending someone much cooler is standing behind her.

These two ladies have Plato's Closet.
I have Ken Carr's closet.
Coincidence? Of course it is.

Anthony and I in the back, and BJ's Brewhouse General Manager Kevin
and my friend Jason in front.
Now that I've touched that shirt, Jason will never wash it again.