Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Charley's at Park Place

I went to Park Place Mall tonight in Tucson to buy a mirror ball for the TV show.  (We're doing a take on a Dancing With The Stars segment for a show this week).  While I was there, I ate dinner at Charley's Grilled Subs in the food court.

Charley's specialty is grilled subs.  They're a franchise or chain (maybe both?).  I have eaten there before and it's usually my favorite choice if I eat at that mall's food court.  (One thing I noticed today, they are right next to the Subway location at the food court... what idiot put those two next to each other?)

Tonight I got a California chicken sub and made it into a combo.  The sandwiches there are delicious and I've been happy with every one that I've ever tried (they make a good chicken Philly sandwich, too).  But, I am always sad about their French fries.  I watched one of the employees scoop the uncooked ones out of a grey plastic tub and put them into the fryer.  I'm pretty sure they're unthawed then cooked.  They don't seem to be the type of fries that are cut from potatoes on-site so it's likely they were frozen at some point.  They serve them in a cup standing up.  And, I'll be honest, they blow.  Skip that part if you eat there.

They also serve Pepsi products, which means I ordered a Diet Pepsi, which means I had to endure that awful medicine-like taste that comes with Diet Pepsi.  (Diet Coke fan here).  But, like I said, the sandwich was good.

There's my review... for what it's worth.

Charley's Grilled Subs as seen from the other side of a partition in the food court at Park Place

California Chicken sandwich from Charley's, those awful French fries,
and a Diet Pepsi.