Thursday, September 5, 2013

Happy Birthday Allison

My co-worker Allison's birthday was yesterday.

The tradition of cake at my work continued.  This cake was homemade (not by me, I am a terrible cook) and had a chocolate graham cracker crust, layers of pudding, and frosting on top.  It was wonderful.

I find it funny that people come literally out of the woodwork (who invented that saying anyway?) when cake is served.  It never matters what time of day, morning or afternoon.  If there is cake (or any kind of free food actually) at the TV station, most everyone lines up to eat it.  If you didn't work there and visited for a day, you'd think that the entire building of people was facing starvation and their one chance for food occurred when someone brought in a cake.

I did enjoy a piece of cake too, so I'm not immune.

Allison's no-bake pudding cake concoction

Here comes the cake (and the line of people to eat it)

Here's Allison about to blow out her candles.
(There were only six candles, and I know she's older than that!)

I love to take pictures of people eating.
I find it the funniest thing.
(I also find taking pictures of people sleeping amusing, but that
opportunity never seems to present itself at work)

Here's Patricia eating cake.
(Another food eating photo!)