Friday, April 13, 2012

Sonic Booms in Tucson today - 4/13/12

Some people in Tucson heard a very loud boom today.  The boom even shattered some windows in the area of Speedway and Craycroft on the east side.

I received a few inquiries on Twitter as to what it was (I didn't hear it but my office is in the middle of the building and if it was loud I just thought somebody in the KGUN building had farted) so I went to the newsroom to ask my co-worker Ina.

Ina said, "Oh Kenneth, it was a sonic boom thanks to aircraft practicing over Tucson for this weekend's airshow at Davis-Monthan Air Force base."

Anthony even texted me right after it happened asking if I knew what it was.  We live near Pima and Wilmot in the area where it seems it was reported as the loudest.

If the sonic boom is any indication, its going to be an awesome (and loud) airshow this weekend!

Update:  I found out that it really was aircraft breaking the sound barrier.  It apparently takes a lot of power and a low level altitude to cause the damage that occured.  Someone flying aircraft where they weren't supposed to must be in trouble.  Officials at Davis-Monthan have apparently had to take claims from people and businesses who had windows broken.  I have no idea at this point who gets to write the check for all of those broken windows but the Air Force is funded by taxpayers so that might be the first clue.