Monday, April 2, 2012

Cosmic Bingo Winner!

Saturday night I made a trip to Casino Del Sol to play some Cosmic Bingo.  I've been there many times.  After the start of this year, they changed the format a bit.  Lucinda Holliday no longer hosts (I filled in for her numerous times as host when she'd go on vacation) and they have new bonus games between the bingo games.

I won a bingo game on Saturday and for an extra $50 I had to sing a song in front of everyone.  Considering my lack of fear in front of crowds it was easy and fun.  I had to sing "Vogue" by Madonna.  Fortunately, they gave me a sheet that had the lyrics printed on it so the crowd just had to put up with my awful singing and I walked away with $150 in total winnings for the game.

I handed Anthony my camera to grab a photo.  While I was up there, two random women (as in, I have no idea who they are) jumped up and danced with me which was lots of fun.

I really like winning... even if I have to sing!

Vogueing is hard work