Thursday, April 12, 2012

Texting While Driving Law: Its Stupid

The Tucson City Council passed an ordinance which went into effect on April 1 that bans texting while driving.

Its a dumb law.

I understand the concept.  People typing on their cell phones while driving causes a distraction.  They aren't paying attention and crash bang boom.

I have a problem with the law because it singles out one way a driver can be distracted but ignores all the rest.  There is a car full of things that can be equally as distracting.  If the city council was really serious about doing something to eliminate distractions then they have to outlaw car stereos, heater and air conditioning controls, GPS units, electric mirrors, complicated windshield wiper controls, electric seats, mirrors to check your makeup, cup holders, children, fingers to pick noses with, food, and facial tissues.

It seems to me that it will have no effect on decreasing accidents and will only serve to add a few thousand bucks to the city's bank account and give police officers another silly thing to worry about.  Police have enough to deal with... like murderers, rapists, and kicking Occupy Tucson protesters out of parks.

I'm not worried about the law because I rarely text while I drive.  I prefer to post on Facebook and Tweet on Twitter.