Sunday, January 27, 2013

1800 N. Stone: Party for 1000 at the Standard

A fun moment occurred tonight in my Twitter history.

I was doing laundry and listening to the police scanner and there was a dispatch for what was described as "a rather large party" at the Standard, a college student targeted apartment complex at 1800 N. Stone across from the old Wildcat House location.

I started Tweeting the info on my @whatsuptucson Twitter, and it was interesting to hear the sequence of dispatches (which I relayed on Twitter as it happened).  The Tucson Police Department had to get additional units from around the city to assist, the helicopter unit flying overhead estimated the crowd at about a thousand people, someone fired shots into the air then sped off in a Dodge Intrepid, and it took officers a while to clear out the crowd.

The complex was given a red tag (a designation that means a loud party has occurred at a location that has disturbed neighbors and comes with a fine and a 8 1/2 x 11 bright red sticker that has to be displayed prominently).  And, one of the residents of the complex recorded the shots being fired on their cell phone which likely will get whoever did the shooting in trouble later.

Tweeting the sequence of events caused my follower count on @whatsuptucson to surge to over 9,000 followers.  I'm always grateful that people are interested in what I Tweet (and especially that many).

Next time, maybe someone will invite me and I can Tweet it in person!

Update:  There was another dispatch to The Standard at 2:30 a.m. for someone with a gun, but they had apparently left by the time police arrived.  That was one wild party.