Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Lucky hates Nate Berkus

Lucky likes to hide in the home office bathroom.

I gave him a bath over the weekend and while he was in the tub I noticed the cheap bathroom rug he lays on was quite smelly.  I have had it for about five years, and although I've run it through the laundry it won't stop smelling yucky anymore.

Anthony and I went to Target on Sunday night to purchase a new one.  After a debate in the store about what kind to get for a replacement, we decided on a Nate Berkus rug.  Nate is an interior designer that appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show when it was around and had his own show in syndication for a while.  He apparently has a line of bathroom stuff that is sold at Target.

The rug I picked out was one of the only ones in the store that didn't have a latex backing.  Anthony thought it would be easier to launder.

The rug has a diamond pattern and Lucky hates it.  I put it on the bathroom floor and he has refused to go into the bathroom for the last two days.  Now, if he wants to lay in the bathroom, he has picked out a spot in front of the vanity / sink outside of the bathroom on the tan carpeting that runs through the entire apartment.  I watched him attempt to go into the bathroom this morning while I was getting ready for work and he takes one look at the rug, turns around, and walks away with a stressed look on his face.

Sorry Nate Berkus, your rug does not meet the approval of one canine in Arizona.  I'm sure you'll still have a promising career if you stick to human approval.

Lucky on the old stinky rug in the bathroom.
I threw this one away and replaced it with a Nate Berkus rug.
The Nate Berkus rug that Lucky will not go near.
I don't blame him after looking at it for a minute... thanks to the pattern, I'm now hypnotized.