Sunday, January 6, 2013

Meet my driver Anthony

I had the privilege of getting driven around today by Anthony on our shopping excursion.

Its fun being a passenger sometimes.  Mostly because I can Tweet on Twitter, post on Facebook, and take photos.

Driving north on Craycroft just before Pima Street.
Hey look!  There's a mountain!

Anthony driving his SUV.
Immediately after this photo, he said "What the hell are you doing over there?"
I said "Taking your picture."
Then I got the evil eye.

Gas is pretty reasonably priced in Tucson right now.
$2.83 at Hanson's at 22nd and Wilmot.
Every time I pass this gas station I started humming "Mmm Bop, dop ba da doo wop"
(If you don't get that reference, search Hanson "Mmm Bop" on Google)