Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday at Subway

Tonight's food adventure was at the Subway restaurant at Speedway and Craycroft in Tucson.

It's really cold out today (45 degree high) so bundling up was required to leave the house, we had grocery shopping to do so we decided to eat out to save time, and the usual problem I have when I go out to eat with Anthony presented itself again:  He didn't want his picture taken.  But, I snuck a few in anyway.

A bonus for this restaurant visit:  In what has continued to be a running theme in recent months, we ate in an empty restaurant.  I haven't figured out if we scare away people blocks before we arrive, or we just happen to eat at the absolutely slowest times of the day for most restaurants.  But, we've eaten recently in an empty Carl's Jr., Burger King, Boston Market, and now Subway.

Subway at Speedway and Craycroft in Tucson
Anthony and I are about to dine in an empty restaurant (again).

Anthony orders at the Subway counter
The guy walking in the door used the restroom and left, so the dining room was still empty

Anthony's sandwich: A turkey something or other

My sandwich: A chicken bacon ranch toasted on Italian bread
It tasted good but it sure looks way more beat up than it does in TV commercials

Anthony is shy

Anthony is much less shy when eating a cookie

I had a bite of Anthony's cookie, then realized I had lost the top of my head