Sunday, January 6, 2013

Lucky's first photoshoot of 2013

Its almost hard to believe that we've had Lucky for eight months.  Its been a lot of hugs, patience, challenge, reward, and fun to have him around.

One thing about Lucky that hasn't changed from the first day:  He hates cameras.  He runs, hides, and always looks distressed when I point it in his direction.  I've tried to let him sniff them, have one in my hand a lot to let him get used to the idea, and its still been the same.

A handful of times I've had the chance to get some photos of him if he's distracted by other things.  Today was one of those days.  We took him for a walk around the apartment complex, then to Walgreen's (I waited in Anthony's SUV with him while Anthony went in and purchased a few things), and then to Petsmart to get his nails clipped.

Here is a collection of the photos I was able to take today:

A walk around Ridgepointe with Lucky

Lucky searches for a good place to poop

Lucky is a bit annoyed that I'm taking photos of him doing the doo doo.

Lucky sniffs out the window of Anthony's SUV in the Walgreen's parking lot

Lucky's head, the side view.

This is Lucky's ear, just in case you were wondering.
And, this is my finger, just in case you were wondering.

Yes Daddy, I'll pose for a photo for you.
Now leave me alone.

Big nose, warm heart.

Lucky at Petsmart at Swan and Grant to get his nails clipped.
Bonus: They dressed him like Hannibal Lechter.