Sunday, January 13, 2013

A nutcracker, Asian Helper, and wine in a box

Today was the weekly visit to Walmart Neighborhood Market for groceries.

Here are the photos:

A male's worst nightmare

Chicken Fried Rice Asian Chicken Helper
I wonder if the Asian community really finds this helpful

Mother's Jungle Animal Cookies
Finally, cookies look like actual jungle animals: White and green with polka dots

Franzia Red and White wine in a box
Get it while supplies last so you aren't forced to drink that awful stuff in a bottle

Pop Tarts Oatmeal Delights
The Pop Tart people have decided to go after the oatmeal people with this Frosted Mapley Brown Sugar variety
And, its good for you because its made with Whole Grain... and icing squiggles.

Red Baron Feasts for One
This is a good idea, except for the black and white photos of missing drunk adults on the box makes it a bit creepy.

Axe Apollo
I haven't tried this yet, but hope it smells like the inside of the Apollo 13 capsule after the astronauts had
to live inside of it in the freezing cold for several days.

The Globe headline: "Chelsea's heartbreak: Who Will Die First? Hillary or Bill?"
This is one of the worst covers (and stories) they've ever done.
Although the story "I am Elmo's Gay Lover" makes up for it.