Monday, January 21, 2013

A Sunday visit to Park Place Mall

I have always loved going to the mall.

I don't like browsing (I am a very purposed shopper... I know what I want and once I get it, I'm done), but I like the atmosphere.  There are beautiful people everywhere, its a unique social experience, and most malls have a food court that includes a Cinnabon.

Anthony and I went to Park Place Mall on Tucson's east side yesterday because I needed some new jeans from Old Navy.  We also ate an early dinner at the food court (Rubio's Mexican) and he got some Starbucks.

I also took photos:

Old Navy at Park Place Mall
I got the jeans I wanted, but was disappointed that 70% of the store is women's clothing.

50% clearance sale at Old Navy
Maybe they'll clear out some of the women's clothing so the store will be half men's / half women's again.

Clearance rack at Old Navy
Apparently orange t-shirts didn't sell well during the holidays

Anthony checks out the clerance rack at Old Navy
Apparently he knows a good deal on a bright orange t-shirt when he sees it

Rubio's at the Park Place food court for dinner
I had a burrito especial.

"Please enter here" sign
I know a few people that should have underwear with this printed on it.

Burrito Especial from Rubio's Mexican at Park Place

Chicken salad from Rubio's
This is what Anthony ordered

The food court at Park Place has this giant TV in the middle.
I wonder who gets the remote.

Talbots at Park Place is closing.
You have seven days left to get a fancy dress (7 days from January 20, 2013 that is).

Anthony stands in line to order at Starbucks at Park Place

Marshmallow Dream Bar at Starbucks
Don't let the fancy name fool you, it's a Rice Krispie treat.

The menu at Starbucks
There isn't anything on here that I like. Where's the Diet Coke?

Tucson Police busting someone in the Park Place parking lot
Apparently the guy sitting on the police car hood couldn't afford the 50% off clearance prices at Old Navy.