Sunday, April 10, 2016

Spitters are quitters

An unusual storm rolled through Tucson today. I say it's unusual because April is typically a very dry month in this area. It rained hard on and off all day and it was a cold. Lucky hates any kind of weather but sunny, so he hid in the bathroom all day.

Anthony and I braved the weather (I'm delicate you know) to eat dinner at Culver's and do our weekly grocery shopping.

Plenty o' pictures from being out today:

Driving the poomobile down a rain soaked
Speedway Blvd

Our order number was hitting on the ketchup

Damn it, I forgot to shoot a photo of my pork tenderloin
sandwich before I took a bite out of it.

Anthony's chicken tenders and cheese curds

Happy Birthday Coca-Cola bottles at Walmart Neighborhood Market.
Apparently you can only drink these one day a year.


Nestle is taking a cue from the Oreo people
and creating more Drumstick flavors.
Plenty of chocolate in this box.

Drumstick limited edition banana split flavors.
I don't understand why there are images of sunglasses
and palm trees on the box.

One of the first trips Anthony and I ever made to the store
he talked me into buying a 100 count box of Otter Pops
to keep in my apartment freezer when I lived alone.
He never did eat any of them and they sat in my freezer
at Kachina Springs until I moved out. He posed for this
photo as a reminder that he suckered me into buying them
 nearly 7 years ago.

Anthony said he loved the Ruffles Sour Cream and Onion chips
when he was a kid.
He's all grown up now and Ruffles still have rrridges.

Spooky giant Minion eye on this bag
of Pure Growth Organic snack mix.
Those crazy marketing Minions are still at it.

Paqui Tortilla Chips - Haunted Ghost Pepper.
"Homemade Horror"
Eeeeeeeek. Booooo.
And other assorted ghost noises.

Someone left this laundry detergent by the toilet paper.

Hey Anthony, I found something for you...
and there's good news, it's gentle.

Yo Anthony, I found something else for you
and your dirty, dirty colon.

This probiotic helps with gas and bloating.
Heh heh gas.


Apparently ten loads can be harmful if swallowed.
But you know what they say, spitters are quitters.