Thursday, April 29, 2010

Review: Circle K Donuts

I had to go to work early today so a stop at Circle K for a donut became part of my commute.

Circle K stores in the Tucson area offer fresh baked donuts made for them by the Donut Peddler.  I believe the Donut Peddler is out of Phoenix so the donuts and rolls are made there and trucked down each day for delivery into the stores.

The donuts stay surprisingly fresh considering they have to be made early enough to transport them 120 miles and have them in the stores in the early morning hours for sale throughout the day.

I don't eat donuts that often because that volume of sugar screws up my stomach.  But, its a fun treat once in a while.  I like the cinnamon rolls with the white icing when I get them at Circle K.  Very sweet but good.

I have learned the important thing in purchasing a Circle K donut is either get it in the morning so it isn't stale or get one with lots of icing so it is more moist longer.  Buying a cake donut with little icing late in the day will provide you with kind of a stale donut and they don't discount the price if you buy it late in the day.