Sunday, April 11, 2010

Two men and a party

My neighbors in the one bedroom apartment across from me are becoming annoying.

These are the same two guys who sell meat out of a freezer in the back of a pickup (see the "Two Men And A Freezer" post).

I came home tonight and they're throwing a little party outside their door (and subsequently that also means my door).  They know I work at the radio station so they starting quizzing me about whether I was coming home from there or not.  I was at Cosmic Bingo with Anthony and I took him home before I came to my home so at least its just me having to deal with all of the ruckus.

I live in one of the quietest apartment complexes on the planet.  They're up late quite often yelling, partying and playing music loud and making all kinds of ruckus.  There is the dog outside on a chain, a bicycle parked out there half the time, driving on the sidewalk to move their freezer in and out of the apartment, and now lawn chairs outside my door.  I'm fortunate that the bedrooms in my apartment are on the opposite end of where they live so I don't have trouble sleeping but they don't have any manners at all.

I've lived in this apartment for three years now.  They're the worst neighbors I've had since living here.  Hopefully they'll sell enough meat to move somewhere else sometime soon!