Thursday, April 29, 2010

Review: Jack In The Box Deli Trio

I am signed up for the Jack In The Box e-mail alerts and got an e-mail today alerting me to a free Deli Trio sandwich with the purchase of any item on the menu through this Sunday May 2. Here's the link to the coupon:

The Deli Trio is one of two Grilled Sandwiches that Jack In The Box introduced recently. The Deli Trio has salami, ham, turkey, provolone cheese, a sliced deli pickle (the longer kind instead of the round kind they put on the hamburgers), and a creamy Italian dressing on artisan bread. The other Grilled Sandwich they offer is the Turkey, Bacon and Cheddar.

Tonight was the first time I tried the Deli Trio. I had passed on it before because its pretty expensive for what you get. The sandwich is $4.29 and the combo with the fries and drink is $6.49.

I decided to give it a try thanks to the coupon. The coupon requires buying something else of your choice on the menu so I got two tacos for 99 cents so I could get the free sandwich.

The sandwich tasted good but its truly done fast food style. Its greasy because the bread is grilled. I suspect they throw the whole sandwich on the grill because the cheese was melted and its comes hot. Its kind of like making a grilled cheese yourself but then adding a stack of meat and pickle slices plus some kind of Italian dressing spread.

Its not awesome but its not terrible. If you're looking for something different at the drive thru then you should order one of the Grilled Sandwiches. I suspect it won't be a permanent menu addition but it'll be fun while its around.