Monday, June 4, 2012

Goodbye Cosmic Bingo. I'll miss you.

I have played Cosmic Bingo quite often at Casino Del Sol.  Anthony and I played the first night we spent together in 2009 and he won nearly $800.  It was a pretty epic night.  I've had a lot of fondness for it ever since.

When I was on Mega, we did weekly live broadcasts at Cosmic Bingo when it started in 2008.  They handed out lavish prizes (big screen TV's, stereo systems, iPods) plus the cash winnings of bingo.  It had fun Old School music, and the outrageous female impersonator (drag queen) Lucinda Holliday hosting.  The lavish prizes eventually went away and the radio broadcasts stopped.  People still went anyway including me.

Early this year they changed the format, installed a dj and a different host, moved the start time later, and made the cash prizes bigger.  Despite the new approach, less people have been attending.  I didn't go for months due to my old job at Fox 11.  I couldn't make it before it was underway due to the newscast.  But, once I returned to work at Journal I had Saturdays off and started going again regularly.  Once I started attending again I was surprised to discover the decrease in attendance.

Then, the bombshell:  I found out over the weekend.... that Cosmic Bingo is coming to an end this Saturday June 9.

I'm guessing that lack of attendance is probably the reason.

I'm going to miss it.  It was cheap entertainment, lots of fun, and easy participation.  I never had to fight crowds.  The people that went were friendly and fun.  I won a few times.  And, I had some luck on the slots either before or after (or sometimes both) which made the trip profitable.  I do love to win.

Thanks Casino Del Sol for giving me unique and enjoyable entertainment many Saturday nights the last four years.  I'll end up finding something else to do on future Saturdays and life will go on.  But, I will miss it.

Anthony's sports flashing cat ears and a glow necklace at Cosmic Bingo.