Monday, June 25, 2012

Arizona baseball wins the College World Series and other random things

The University of Arizona baseball team won the College World Series tonight in Omaha.  They beat South Carolina.  Arizona coach Andy Lopez was on the Morning Blend at the beginning of the season and he shook my hand.  I'd like to think it was that handshake that made this season's success possible.  Mainly because that hand has brought me a lot of pleasure over the years... if you know what I mean (wink wink).

I watched a very interesting interview of Conan O'Brien on Piers Morgan's show tonight on CNN.  I'm not the biggest fan of Piers' interview style but when he has the right guest he's very good.  Conan has had a remarkable career.  He talked about attending Harvard, finding his way into show business, and how people in show business never seem to feel like they're good enough.  I can relate to the last part.  I know in my own career its believing I'm two seconds away from total disaster that keeps me going.

Speaking of total disaster, I was under the gun this morning when I thought we'd need some fill for today's Blend and hadn't rendered the Iron Chef Tucson video I had edited.  I'm a self taught video shooter and editor and every video I've ever put together I'm nervous about.  But, I usually don't go back and re-edit when I finish.  I make mental notes about what I thought didn't work or look good and apply that to the next one.  It was nice I got some positive feedback about it though.  It airs tomorrow on the Blend.  See it by clicking here.

Lucky is sleeping on a new bed.  He ate a softball sized hole in his original one on Saturday night and I got a larger replacement yesterday at Target.  He seems to like it (as much as he expresses liking anything).

The week's just getting started.  I hope its a good one!