Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What can I buy with three dollars?

I got an e-mail yesterday from Progressive Insurance, the company I have my car insurance with.

"Congratulations!  Your premium has been lowered!"

My no-no parts got excited.  Its nearly never that the price of anything goes down.  I continued reading the e-mail to find out how much I'll be saving.

Three dollars.  The premium went down three dollars.

I was underwhelmed.  I have a clean driving record, premiums paid on time, car is a 2004.  I suppose I should be excited since it didn't go up.  The e-mail tried to sound encouraging.  I was disappointed.

The dreams I briefly had of money for a vacation or buying new socks quickly faded.

I'll use it toward retirement.  Three dollars a month should allow me to retire in the year 2400.