Saturday, June 16, 2012

Damage from the first Tucson monsoon storm of 2012

The first monsoon storm of 2012 hit Tucson today.

It wasn't strong for a monsoon.  It did cause a few minor lightning strike fires.  It didn't cause any widespread power outages.  It did have some wind, hail (not near me, more southwest of Tucson), rain, and for a brief time a severe thunderstorm warning.

At least there was some excitement! There was also a little bit of wind damage at Ridgepointe.

Wind from the first monsoon storm of 2012 knocked bark and a few branches off of this tree.

This light pole was already down before the storm started so I can't include it in the storm damage.

The storm didn't cause an eviction notice on a nearby apartment.
I just thought I'd include a photo of it for fun.