Monday, June 18, 2012

Cake in a mug

Once in a while we have a cancellation on the Morning Blend that results in getting creative to fill a segment.  One of the jobs of a producer is to brainstorm something to fill the time.

It occurred today and thanks to some searching on the computer I came up with a recipe for making cake in a mug from scratch in the microwave.

The challenge with making food on television is the short period of time available to make it.  I Googled "5 minute cake" and found this easy recipe.

Here's the link to it if you want to try and make your own cake in a mug in a microwave:  Click here

Check out a few photos from the segment:

Cake in a mug just taken out of a microwave

Setup of the cake in a mug segment

Flour, sugar, cocoa, egg, oil and milk being stirred in a mug

This is what cake in a mug looks like after it cools

Ann and Mrs. Grant surprised when the cake in a mug pops right out

Adding frosting in a can to cake in a mug

Tasting the finished product

Cake in a mug just removed from a microwave and the finished product on the right with icing