Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Runaway Pool Noodle

I got home from work tonight and noticed a pool noodle on the grass near the parking lot at my apartment complex.

I can only guess that it escaped from the pool and it was on the run.

I took a photo of it because I thought it was unusual and had no idea at the time if I would have any use for the picture.

I took Lucky out for a bathroom break a short time later.  The pool noodle was in the same area where he usually poops.  It wasn't moving (or doing anything) and what happened next shouldn't have surprised me... but it did.  Lucky spotted it and he got scared.  His ears went back, he backed up, and the next thing I knew he was behind me looking around my legs in total fear of the pool noodle.

There is very little that doesn't strike fear in Lucky.  I petted him and told him it was okay but he still hid behind me with his tail curled up between his hind legs.  Its a good thing we don't rely on Lucky to be a guard dog... because if someone was going to break in all they would need to be armed with is a pool noodle.

We moved to another area so he could finish his business.  Pool noodle crisis was over.

I wonder if its specifically pool noodles that he has a fear of... or noodles in general.  The next time we have pasta for dinner I'll show him my plate and see if I get the same reaction.

Pool noodles make people die.
Ask Lucky, he'll tell you.