Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Lucky sleeps on a holy bed

Twice in one week.

That's how many times Lucky has chewed a softball sized hole in the bed he sleeps on at night.

He did it over the weekend and it was the first time he had ever done it.  I thought maybe it might be a one time thing and he smelled something inside of the bed that compelled him to do it.

I went to Target on Sunday night and purchased a new one.  I got a larger, softer one with the hope that he'd be more comfortable and less likely to chew.  I don't know where I got that brilliant idea because it didn't work.

He chewed another hole in the new bed last night.

The only common denominator between the two incidents is that Anthony closed the bedroom door with Lucky in there with him.  He was trying to keep the lights from the rest of the apartment out so he could sleep.  I don't know if that causes Lucky to be bored, stressed, or if it even has anything to do with it.  But he hasn't chewed a hole in the bed under any other circumstance.

For the moment, I flipped his new bed over so the hole faces down.  We'll see if he adds a matching hole to the top side in the near future.

Lucky's new bed is now a holy bed.
Actually, a holey bed.
Either way I'm prayiing he stops.