Saturday, June 2, 2012

The fur flies

The latest on Lucky the dog:

Today marks three weeks at our apartment.  Normal bodily functions have been established and continue.  He was nicely housebroken before he came into my life... which has been very helpful.  He's still wonderful on a leash.

He's started playing a little with the toys we've bought him.  He won't play tug-o-war with his tug rope, but he does like to nibble on it.  He's played a little with a tennis ball.  Earlier tonight, he liked a thing we bought at Petsmart called a Greenie, which is supposed to help keep his teeth cleaned.  Its a rawhide style bone like thing.  He polished it off like a rockstar.  We only bought one to try it.  After watching him devour it I've decided that he'll be getting more of those.

The latest hurdle:  He has started to shed.  And shed a lot.  I am under the assumption that since the temperatures in the last couple of weeks are starting to hit near or over 100 degrees most days that his body is dumping his more winter and spring coat.  Last night's trip to Petsmart was to buy some dog shampoo and a deshedding comb.  He'll be getting his first bath since we got him later today.  I'm hoping it'll get the shedding under control.  If nothing else, it'll force me to clean the shower after its done.

He's a funny dog.  He expresses his affection in very subtle ways.  I wish he'd come out of his shell a bit more.  However, I realize its all a process.