Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bank Of The West robbed at Speedway and Pantano

I left work at about 5:30 p.m. today and stopped on my way home to get Anthony some Tylenol PM.  He wasn't feeling well.

I went to the Walgreen's at Speedway and Pantano here in Tucson.  Across the street to the east is a Bank Of The West branch.  I quickly realized that there was a crime scene investigation underway at the bank which could only mean one thing:  It had been robbed.

People who rob banks aren't the brightest.  Most of them get caught eventually.  There are a ton of cameras in banks and police release their photos to the media which means chances of getting recognized are significant.  It doesn't seem worth the risk of spending years in prison for a few hundred bucks.  But, I've never robbed a bank so I'm not an expert in this area.

I took a couple of photos from the Walgreen's parking lot looking east across the street at the bank.

In case you're wondering, as I write this, Anthony is sound asleep. The Walgreen's visit was worth it on two fronts... he got the meds he wanted and I enjoyed a Cops moment (I do love that TV show!)

UPDATE 6/28/12:  They caught the woman!  34 year old Melissa Green robbed this bank and a Tucson Healthcare Affiliates Federal Credit Union two days earlier.  Click here for the story from KGUN 9.

Here's a surveillance photo of the robber.
Doesn't anyone try to wear a disguise anymore?
Bad boys bad boys... whatcha gonna do

Bank robbery investigation at Bank Of The West at Speedway and Pantano