Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Meeting Bardi Toto

Author and social media guru Bardi Toto was on the show today.  She wrote a book called "Thinking Upside Down Living Right Side Up".

More importantly (to me), she has a whole bunch of  Twitter followers and I thought if I got a photo with her then I'd be cool and get a few new followers (that cool by association thing).  Because its important to me that lots of people get to read my ridiculous and silly Tweets.  Especially the ones I post from the bathroom.

I didn't realize when the photo was taken that a commercial for "Tucson Go Local" was playing in the monitor behind me and a creepy fake pig was going to be in the picture.  The fake pig makes this photo totally epic!


Thanks Bardi Toto for being a guest!

A pig, a Ken, and a Bardi.