Sunday, June 10, 2012

Retro Game Show Night at Colors - the 9.95 Pyramid

I mentioned yesterday that I was asked by Tempest DuJour to be a celebrity guest at Retro Game Show Night at Colors.

I had a ton of fun.  We played "The $9.95 Pyramid", which was a spinoff of the old $25,000 Pyramid.  It was a little naughtier (I didn't mind that a bit!) and the crowd was a lot of fun.

Contestants were chosen from entries placed into Tempest's "big pink hairy box" and we took turns giving and receiving clues.  You'll see a few of those in the photos below.

The event raised a few bucks for the Loft Cinema.

The stage before Retro Game Show Night started

One clue I gave for "Things You Lie About" was "people you've slept with".
No, that doesn't say anything about me.  Really.

"Things On The Floor After The Movie Ends"

Lips and assholes anyone?

I was receiving for this clue.
I didn't get it right.
I had better start listening to my jockstrap more.

Tonya Harding was one of the clues.
She's famous... but for all the wrong reasons!

"Things That Are Slippery"

"A jockstrap" might have been a good clue for this answer.

One of the clues I gave for this answer was "your ass".
Of course, I didn't mean YOUR ass.
I was talking about someone else's.

My head in my hands = I had no idea.

And now, a moment for your imagination.

My head was one of the clues.