Monday, September 1, 2014

Shake shake shake and pitbulls at Walmart

It's Monday, which is a day later than the usual weekly dinner and grocery shopping trip that Anthony and I normally make. But, since it's Labor Day weekend, we did it today instead of on Sunday. I had to get some work done last night anyway so it turned out to be better this way.

We went to dinner at Arby's at Speedway and Pantano. The best moment came when Anthony ordered a crème brulee shake. About a quarter of the way into drinking it, his face lit up and he said he was getting a sugar rush. After that, he decided he has a new obsession. You'll see in the photo below the sheer delight on his face.

Grocery shopping was at the Walmart Neighborhood Market at Broadway and Camino Seco. Poor Anthony got a bit freaked out when I spotted a group of four ladies walking two adult pitbull dogs into the store on leashes. Anthony is a bit unnerved by dogs (he likes Lucky though), and having them in the store at the same time we were was a challenge. The sugar high he was on from the crème brulee shake didn't help with keeping his nerves calm. We got through it, though. Unfortunately, the staff there doesn't care about such things so I'm now tempted to bring Lucky to the store.

It's the end of what barely seemed like a holiday weekend. I worked two of the three days, so maybe that's why it didn't seem like a weekend. But the good news is that it'll be the weekend again in only four days. Short weeks are always exciting.

Arby's at Speedway and Pantano.
We ate in a restaurant with people in it today!
Holy crap! That never happens!

Turkey club for Anthony, roast beef sandwich for Ken,
and fries

Whooooo! Whooooo!

Here's my dinner at Arby's.
I tried to make it an attractive arrangement
for the camera.

Arby's Sauce was shed during the eating
of Anthony's fries.
Police are investigating.

Anthony's Crème Brulee shake

Look at the delight on Anthony's face!

We're going in to Walmart Market
at Broadway and Camino Seco...
but first, we're taking a selfie.

Nice banana(s).


Twinkies Blue Raspberry Crème
I didn't know it was the summer of Twinkies.
Thanks for telling me box with Twinkies
containing creepy blue filling.

Barefoot Contessa pasta
Looks lovely on the package, not cheap.
Which means it's not for Ken.

Blue Bunny Mini Swirls Birthday Party cones.
These are like crack - blue frosting in the
center of the ice cream and white frosting
on the outside with sprinkles.
These are so good I'd marry them.

Wonka Peel-a-pop
There's something about the picture
on the box that kind of turns me on.

Back To School Oreo cookies
"4 new back to school designs, same great taste".
So, they taste like too much homework
and students that bully other students.

Halloween Oreo cookies are here!
It's September 1st, good thing they
arrive just in the nick of time.

Someone left their sunscreen with
the fudge mint cookies.
Sounds like a date I've had.

Mommy's Kisses Gel Packs
"for ouchies and booboos"
Does a bullet wound qualify
as an ouchie or booboo?

"Hey Anthony, I found
something for you"

"Hey Anthony, if you don't want the
pregnancy test, I have something
else you'll find useful"