Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Shooting at Peter Piper Pizza

The headline might be a bit misleading. The shooting I'm referring to is a video shoot we did for the TV show at Peter Piper Pizza today on 22nd Street.

One of the highlights of the visit was meeting the woman who owns the Peter Piper franchise stores in Tucson. I asked her how she got into the business and she explained that her family purchased the franchise territory in the 1980's. A friend of her's owned some McDonald's franchise locations in Southern California. They were impressed by how well their friend was doing and investigated buying McD's franchises in southern Arizona but there were none available. So, she said that they ended up deciding to buy the Peter Piper franchise territory here instead. I wish I could remember her name -- but she was a delight. She said she's enjoyed making families and children happy with pizza and games. I said it is awesome to do that and make a good living for your own family as well.

They've been in the process of remodeling their restaurants in this area and that's why we went to do the video shoot at their location (to show off the new look). They're also launching a Sriracha stuffed crust pizza in October and demonstrated how it's created for the TV camera.

I did have a very Ken moment while I was there. A customer was eating lunch and she was exposing a bit of butt crack. It's not easy to get a photo of such a thing without being noticed but I managed to nail it successfully. A true Kenparazzi moment. I live for this you know.

Peter Piper Pizza on 22nd Street
east of Alvernon

Show host Maria gets ready

Scott shoots close ups of pizza
while Chef Gregory of Peter Piper
and show host Maria wait

Maria chats with Chef Gregory
of Peter Piper Pizza

(I ate a couple of slices)

Employees create the pizzas in here

Dining room

Cash in your tickets
for fabulous prizes

The woman on the right is the
owner of the restaurant
(whose name I can't remember)

Game room

My proudest moment of the day.