Saturday, September 6, 2014

Joe's 25th birthday

If you've ever wondered about secrets inside a TV and radio broadcast facility like where I work, I'm about to give up a big one.

The most frequently served food is:  Cake!

I've never worked somewhere that does more celebrations for birthdays, anniversaries, people leaving, probably even a Jewish holiday or two, than at Journal.

Today's cake was for my co-worker Joe, who works in radio promotions and also spends an hour a day working on my show running camera and assisting with the production.  He turns 25 today, although we had the cake yesterday.

Joe has a busy month -- he is also getting married at the end of September in Puerto Penasco, Mexico (known as Rocky Point to the locals in this region).  He's a super nice guy, his girl is very lucky.

I was excited when taking these Kenparazzi photos of the little celebration because I was able to nail a candid photo of him stuffing cake into his cake hole.  I love taking pictures of people eating.

Happy Birthday Joe!

Joe's birthday cake
with a blueberry scented candle


Blow Joe, blow!

Chita cuts the cake

Cake into the cake hole!

Nothing brings my co-workers
together like food.