Monday, September 8, 2014

Norbert peed all over Tucson

Norbert, the hurricane that is now a tropical storm or depression or something like that, pumped a whole lot of moisture into Arizona today.

Phoenix got the most rain it's ever had in one day. EVER. Over three inches. It seemed like half of that city flooded.

We fared a little better in the Tucson area, but there was plenty of flooding, abandoned cars, some swift water rescues, a lot of people late for work, and a nice dose of mayhem.

I was already at work when the sky opened up and it rained quite heavily for a while. I did grab my camera for a few photos from the dry confines of inside looking out through a window. It always happens that when we get a heavy rain, the building that I work in springs leaks in about a dozen places. If the tv/radio building was the Titanic, it would have sank years ago.

I had a ten year old's take on the storm:  Norbert really had to pee (if a storm is capable of such a thing).

Norbert unleashes it's wetness
upon Southern Arizona.

The parking lot at KGUN 9
became lake KGUN
(for a little while).

Norbert needs to stop drinking
those big convenience store