Thursday, September 11, 2014

Dog t-shirt art

Pima Paws for Life, a dog rescue organization in Tucson, was on the TV show today.

They make custom t-shirts with the help of some of the dogs at their shelter. They apply non-toxic paint to the dog's paws, and have them walk on the shirts.

No two shirts are alike as a result.

The dogs are rewarded with treats for their work and the shelter raises money by selling them.

The little guy you'll see in the photos below was remarkably patient with having his paws dipped in paint.  He was more patient with the process than most people I know... but then, dog treats are a strong incentive.

Maybe dogs are more artistic than they appear.

The dog's paws are prepared
for their t-shirt art project.

Am I doing it right?

Here's your reward!

The hosts show off the finished product.