Saturday, September 27, 2014

Goodbye Amanda

A pretty rare moment occurred this week and if you watch the TV show I work on, you've probably noticed that something is different: We've had almost a total staff turnover in the last few months.

It was not by design. Everyone (but me) left to pursue other career opportunities in a relatively short window of time. It could be that they were all tired of smelling my cologne everyday but no one said anything so I'm thinking it was just coincidence. It happens in broadcast media like this sometimes.

As we usually do when a host or staff member leaves, we take a couple of minutes on the air to acknowledge the departure, have a cake (which is often generously provided by the crew at Cakes For Causes, who is a regular guest), and a video presentation looking back at their time on the show.

Amanda was the host that left this week and Cakes for Causes outdid themselves. The cake was amazing. It had a southwest theme complete with chocolate rocks and sugar sahuaros (cactus) on top. A few tears were shed. She'll be missed -- I enjoyed working with her the last two years.

I've mentioned this before -- the one odd thing about my workplace is that we tend to do a lot of celebrating when people leave. Cakes, happy hours, dinners, lunches. But, we don't do that when people start their jobs. I have always wondered why it works like that. You'd think we'd be celebrating more at the beginning.

Any excuse to eat, have cocktails, and consume cake.

Cakes for Causes created this amazing
cake for Amanda's last day.
It was 100 percent edible.

Rene from Cakes for Causes, Amanda,
and Maria

The Morning Blend crew says goodbye to Amanda.
That's me flapping my big arms in the back.