Saturday, September 27, 2014

Meeting James Van Praagh

I booked James Van Praagh, known as the "ghost whisperer", on the show Thursday. He was in town doing pre-promotion for a show he's performing at the Fox Theatre on November 7.

I knew a little about who he is. Anthony knew a lot. I mentioned that I had booked him and he got very excited. He tried to get the day off work to come with me to the station to meet him. When that wasn't successful, he sent along a book he has had for years for James to sign.

I had to run the show from the control booth on Thursday but I did manage to get out for a couple of minutes -- long enough to get a picture with him.

Like you'd expect anything less.

James Van Praagh with Ken Carr
One of us talks to the dead.
The other has fabulous hair.