Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Odile deal

If the forecasts are accurate, the Tucson area is about to get slammed with an historic rain event thanks to (former) Hurricane Odile.

To put it in perspective, Tucson averages 11.8 inches of rain per year (according to the Tucson Wikipedia page). This rain event is forecast to dump 5-8 inches of rain in three days. That will be historic for this area. Because the ground is so hard and absorbs so little water, flooding with any significant rain is common.

The major flooding event in the Phoenix area on September 8 was the biggest one day rain event in that area's history (at just over 3 inches of rain).

In addition, because there is more rain forecast to fall in the mountain areas near Tucson, the water from the mountains run downhill (gravity!) and rolls into the washes and river beds in this area.

The heaviest rain is forecast to hit Tucson late Wednesday (9/17) into early Thursday.

Fortunately, I live on the second floor at my apartment complex. We haven't had a leaky roof since it was repaired a few months after moving here. I don't think it will affect my living quarters (as long as the power stays on). I think the worst part will be taking Lucky out for his potty and poop breaks. He's not going to understand what's going on, and I'm probably going to get soaked while he sniffs everything. I'm not looking forward to that.

I did change the wiper blades on Anthony's SUV tonight since I noticed the passenger side wiper blade was coming apart when I rode in it a couple of weeks ago. He has to travel 20 miles each way to work and hopefully it keeps him a little safer. $30 well spent for two windshield wiper blades and a rear one for the back window.

I'll update you as Odile moves in.  It looks like she's a wet one.

The leading edge of tropical rain clouds
when Odile started making its way
into Tucson on Monday September 15.