Monday, September 29, 2014

The couch fits on the roof

I came home to Ridgepointe from work today and spotted a rather odd sight.

Someone was moving out of their apartment a few buildings down and made the rather unwise decision to put their couch on top of their SUV. And, they put the loveseat on the tailgate.

When a person makes a decision like that, it only makes sense that they use a thin little cheap piece of rope to tie it on.

I was going to wait and see if it fell off when they backed out of the parking space, but I got tired of waiting. I'm thinking there was a good chance though that it fell off before they got out of the parking lot.

A bonus Kenparazzi photo: It appeared that a couple unrelated to the couch on the roof pair that was moving out of their apartment was in some sort of disagreement that required police attention. Of course I got a photo of that, too.

Couch on the roof
and loveseat on the tailgate.
Safe moving is all the rage.

Tucson Police dealing with a
couple having a disagreement.
Congratulations, your argument
is now internet famous.