Saturday, March 1, 2014

Lucky's spring doggy fashion show

I took Lucky to the spring 94.9 MIXfm Women's Spa and Wellness Showcase today at La Encantada mall for a doggy fashion show.

He's been in four of these now and it's cute how everyone says he's adorable.  He is a good looking dog.  I hope it doesn't inflate his ego too much.

There was light rain on and off today in Tucson.  We were fortunate, there was a very heavy rainstorm that moved through after we got home.  They did move the little fashion show into one of the empty storefronts at the mall (the old Cache' store) so at least it was a little warmer.

Lucky hasn't demanded an agent yet.  At least he isn't letting the attention go to his head.

Lucky practicing his model pose at the Women's Spa and Wellness Showcase
doggy fashion show at La Encantada

Lucky smiles for the Kenparazzi

Lucky shows off the large warm wet slice of ham in his mouth

Alan, Matt, Allen and Kathy from MIXfm chatting in the courtyard

Light rain at La Encantada

Soggy courtyard at La Encantada

The red carpet is ready for the dogs
inside the old Cache' store at La Encantada

Lucky attempts to make friends with a fire extinguisher

A dachshund that was also in the fashion show held
by a volunteer from the Humane Society

My co-worker Lee's dog

Lucky plays peek-a-boo between my legs while we wait
for a walk down the runway