Sunday, March 2, 2014

Subway Fritos chicKEN enchilada sandwich

Sunday night = dinner and the grocery store for Anthony and I.

This week we went to Subway at Speedway and Craycroft.  I decided that I wanted to try their new Fritos Chicken Enchilada sandwich.  I've seen it on television and everything on television always looks wonderful.

My review of the sandwich:  No surprises.  It tasted like what I expected:  A chicken enchilada with Fritos on top.  It reminded me of something you'd make if you were a bachelor who can't really cook, or if you are pregnant, or something you'd order after a long night of drinking and that sort of insanity sounds wonderful at the time.  I don't think I'd order it again, but at least I can say I tried it.

We finished off our Sunday outing with a trip to Walmart Neighborhood Market at 22nd and Craycroft.  It was surprisingly busy considering the Oscars were on.  Apparently Anthony and I weren't the only people who decided to record it and watch later.

Subway at Speedway and Craycroft

Anthony mugs for the Kenparazzi

Anthony's turkey and ham sandwich

Fritos Chicken Enchilada sandwich on flatbread

Sneaky photo #1 of Anthony at Walmart Neighborhood Market:
He prefers to get his choices at the store deep into the shelf

Limited edition Red Velvet Pop Tarts and Confetti Cupcake
They were able to squeeze an extra vitamin and mineral into the confetti ones

Great Value Buttery Smooth Crackers
Buttery Smooth sounds like a date I've had.

Some kind of religious candle named after Anthony

Masturbation candle

Sneaky photo of Anthony #2 at Walmart Neighborhood Market:
Peeking over his shoulder while he drools over the Ben & Jerry's ice cream choices