Sunday, March 9, 2014

Justin Bieber just won't behave

It's Sunday.  In my world, that's Anthony and I go out for dinner and buy groceries day.  We just call it Sunday for short.

We had dinner tonight at eegee's on Tanque Verde Road.  I had a roast beef sub and fries, Anthony also had a sandwich, ranch fries, and a Lucky Lime eegee.  It was very green.  I'll bet his pee glows in the dark.

We headed over to Walmart Neighborhood Market at 22nd Street and Craycroft.  It was a pretty routine trip for us.  I did find a broken U2 CD on the ground outside of the door of my car (the "Joshua Tree" disc).  It had a chunk missing or I would have picked it up and tried to save it.

Inside of the store, we spotted the new Rolling Stone magazine with a shirtless Justin Bieber on the cover and the caption "Bad Boy" / "Why Justin Bieber just won't behave".  If I was that good looking (even with a shirt on) I wouldn't behave either.  One other big difference... he has 100 million dollars and I have 100 dollars.  I'd misbehave a bit too if I could afford it like he can.

When we finished shopping and got into my car, I noticed a flyer on the windshield for a business called "United 4 Health" that sells some sort of health shakes.  I found it amusing that they had a typo on the flyer.  If their healthy shakes causes typos on flyers, I say no thanks.  I need good spelling at my job.

Fries and a roast beef sub sandwich at eegee's on Tanque Verde Road

Anthony's "Please stop taking my picture you bastard" look

Lucky Lime eegee

U2 "The Joshua Tree" CD on the ground at the Walmart Neighborhood Market
parking lot at 22nd and Craycroft.
This album originally was released in 1988, and died in a parking lot in 2014.

My least favorite part of the grocery store
No one else was shopping in this part of the store, so I am not alone in my opinion.

Foodles fruit and cheese snacks in a mouse head shaped package.
Kids always need a gimmick to eat anything that isn't from McDonald's

Pop-Tarts Team USA Limited Edition pastries
No better way to cheer on your country than eating dried blue icing with little white stars

Reese's Reester Bunny
I see what they did there.

Sneaky photo of Anthony:
He has his buns pointed toward the buns.
It was like the mothership calling him home.

Banquet Cheesy Potato Bake with bacon and broccoli
Only one dollar with real bacon!  Holla!

Ruffles Crispy Fries
Potato chips should not be turned into fries
It's like Superman turning into Wonder Woman.

Campbell's Chunky Hearty Cheeseburger soup
I was really excited to see this... I think this is a SOUPer idea!

Rolling Stone magazine with Justin Bieber on the cover
"Bad Boy / Why Justin Bieber Just Won't Behave"
If I looked this good I wouldn't behave either.

The United 4 Health flyer left on the windshield of my car
They offer "Energing Herbal Tea"