Saturday, March 15, 2014

No sign of Pharrell's hat at Arby's

Anthony and I did some fine dining tonight... at Arby's.  There was no sign of anyone wearing that big hat that music mogul Pharrell Williams is now famous for that resembles the hat in the Arby's logo.  But, there was delicious food.

Anthony was messier than usual.  I actually got photographic evidence this time.  Which makes me the most evil person on Earth.  Sorry Anthony, but sometimes humor has to win.

My Angus Beef sandwich and curly fries at Arby's at Speedway and Pantano

Anthony -- my fry stabbing date for dinner at Arby's

Anthony dropped food on his lap but successfully hid the evidence from my camera

A drop of Arby's Sauce on Anthony's sweater.

Bad photo thanks to bright sun through the window fooling the focus...
but wanted show another case of eating in an empty restaurant.
It's a talent finding empty restaurants as often as I do.