Friday, March 14, 2014

A cockroach looking for a job plunges to his death

A co-worker came into my office today and showed me a photo she shot with her camera phone of a cockroach that had located itself on an employee bulletin board at the other end of the building.

I decided to go take pictures of this cockroach that, as it turned out, unknowingly had a sense of humor.

He was on the back of a job posting paper and ended up spending several hours on the board before finally dying by mid-afternoon, falling off the board, and landing in his final resting place on the floor below.

The bulletin board where the cockroach was located

A cockroach with a sense of humor:
He's poking his head out from behind this job posting

Photo of cockroach hiding behind job posting

Cockroach moves to the front of the job posting.
He's apparently interested in becoming the Executive Producer
of the early morning news show.

He hung on for a couple of hours before plunging to his death.
R.I.P. job hunting cockroach.
Unemployment can be harsh.