Monday, March 31, 2014

Ass helping pants

I was outside a bit ago and overheard this conversation coming from the hot tub near my apartment:

Girl 1:  "Oh no, the jets stopped."

Girl 2:  "I'll turn them back on."

Girl 1:  "Wow, you have a really nice ass."

Girl 2:  "These pants really help, don't they?"

Girl 1:  "I need to find ass helping pants like those."

Girl 2:  "We'll go shopping this week and I'll show you where I got them."

Girl 1:  "I'll get my mom's credit card.  I need some ass helping pants really bad."

This is not a conversation you usually hear between guys.  I also learned that there's such a thing as "ass helping pants".

I'm going to save up some money to buy myself a pair.  They sound amazing.

The hot tub (a photo I shot a few months ago during the winter... which explains the steam).
This is where the ass helping pants were located tonight.