Sunday, March 23, 2014

Chips from the top shelf are only for people with a ladder

It's Sunday, the weekly dinner and grocery store day for Anthony and I.

We had dinner at La Salsa at Speedway and Kolb.  We ate about an hour before Arizona basketball game time (playing Gonzaga tonight in the NCAA tournament) and it wasn't busy as a result.  It's usually really busy at lunchtime there so maybe they just aren't as busy at dinner.

Walmart Neighborhood Market at 22nd and Craycroft was the grocery store choice today.  A funny moment when we were in the chip aisle and Anthony decided to try and grab some chips from the top shelf while also holding what remained of his soft drink from La Salsa.  Anthony isn't terribly short, but he's not quite tall enough to easily reach items on the top shelf at this store.  You'll see in the photo he had a bit of trouble and I managed to take a photo while he kept saying "help help".

I have my priorities.  Photo first, help second.

Our order number was 7 at La Salsa, Speedway and Kolb.
I don't know why there is a lime on the sign.

Anthony gets a fork to eat with.
There is almost nothing that he'll eat without using silverware.
He has the cleanest fingers on Earth.

I ordered a taquitos and quesadilla plate and Anthony had taquitos.
The cups have a picture of a lime on it.
I don't know why that's on their logo, I put Diet Coke in it... with no lime.

Anthony put something on his chips that resembled baby food.

Across the street from La Salsa at Speedway and Kolb -- a new Urgent Care facility.
This used to be a golf store.  It tells you a lot about Tucson...
more demand for a place to get something for the flu than new putters and balls.

Anthony pointed out this bottle of pomegranate juice at Walmart Market.
It's ten dollars!  Holy crap!
For that price it should also give you a hand job.

Yes, please.
Oh wait, it's a brand of wine.
Never mind.

This bag of Dream Bone ended up in the chip aisle.
If someone isn't paying attention they'll get a surprise when they dip that in some cheese dip.

Sneaky photo of Anthony:
I think he was trying to make a point in Italian.
I wouldn't have posted this but it kind of goes with the ones below.

Anthony reaches up to the top shelf to grab a bag of chips to read the package
while holding what's left of his drink from La Salsa in his left hand...

Suddenly, he finds himself with bags of chips raining down on his head.
I would have helped him but I had to take this photo.
I have my priorities in order.