Sunday, March 16, 2014

The gayest cake mix I have ever seen

It's Sunday -- dinner and grocery shopping day for Anthony and I.

Dinner was at Culver's because Anthony had already eaten earlier.  He took a friend out to lunch early in the afternoon and all he wanted was ice cream.  I wanted actual food, and Culver's has both.

I tried their Sourdough burger for the first time.  I love the Sourdough Jack from Jack In The Box and had high hopes that the sourdough burger version at Culver's would be as wonderful.  Unfortunately, even though I like a lot of things I've tried at Culver's, this burger sucked.  They grill onions and put it on the burger and they just ended up slimy and the bread is thin, flat and sad.  I actually removed the onions before eating the sandwich.

We went up the street to Walmart Neighborhood Market for our grocery shopping at Broadway and Camino Seco.  I'm not a fan of this location because they keep it too cold in there and are missing a few items that I normally buy at the Craycroft store.  But, they had a few things I hadn't seen before including the gayest cake mix I have ever seen.

Delicious fries and awful sourdough burger at Culver's.
I figured out the main problem is the sourdough bread is way too thin.
Either that or the Jack In The Box Sourdough Jack has
set too high of a bar for other sourdough burgers.

A lemon on the floor of the Walmart Neighborhood Market at Broadway and Camino Seco.
It lost it's way in the bread aisle.
"C'mon little yellow fruit, I'll help you find your way home"

Regular Cap'n Crunch isn't sweet enough so now there is
Sprinkled Donut Crunch.
On the box it looks like the Cap'n's hand is ejaculating.

New Post Poppin' Pebbles
It fizzes in your mouth.
Which is the same thing that happens when you add beer to your cereal.
So I hear.

Sneaky photo of Anthony in the candy aisle at Walmart Market
When I showed him this photo he said, "I'm Zoolandering down the aisle"
Work it girl.

Colgate One Direction Toothpaste
I took a picture of this last summer at another store.
It must not be selling well now... it was on clearance for one dollar.

Chips Ahoy Ice Cream Creations cookies
Now THIS is an awesome idea.
I bought the Root Beer Float cookies and they really taste like a root beer float!

Duff Goldman, star of "Ace Of Cakes" on TV, has a line of cake mixes.
This variety is Pastel Tie-Dye.
It takes the prize for the gayest cake mix I have ever seen.

Anthony and I were behind the oldest and slowest man on Earth at the checkout stand.
We amused ourselves while waiting by doing stuff like this.
Anthony kept complaining that the guy smelled bad.
I was grateful that the man's smell masked the knee buckling farts I was firing off while in line.